PWS, offers only one facial. Each client will benefit from a customized skincare treatment, for their specific skincare needs.
PWS, offers add-ons for your treatment. We offer Dermaplaning, which will help in the removal of weeks of dead skin buildup. This can be done every three to four weeks.
Our mirodermabrasion alternative, is the dermafile. The dermafile gives you the same great benefits of a microderm, minus the suction. The dermafile is great for all skin types. It helps restore & build collagen.The dermafile will smooth out your fine lines, reduce your pore size, unclog your pores for better product penetration. For clients that suffers with scaring from acne, sun damage & age spots it will help even your skin tone.
Had a stressful day? No worries!! Add an aromatherapy treatment. Essential oils can help reduce stress, calm anxiety, reduce headaches, ease depression, boost energy levels, boost cognitive performances these are just some of the many benefits!


Signature Customized Facial-$85


Dermafile- $35
Anti-Aging or Hydrating Biomolecular Sheet Mask-$10
Aromatherapy- $15
***Signature Face Lift- $105.00***
This treatment is a four step process! This customized treatment includes a signature face lift chemical peel! 


The power of a relaxing massage!! Regular massages can help reduce hypertension, reduce headaches, ease your pain, muscle stiffness, digistive disorders, fibromyalgia, & insomnia are some of the many benefits!
Prenatal Massage-$70
Therapeutic Masaage-$70
Deep Tissue-$80
Hot Stone- $100
Herbal Scalp Massage- $25
(Helps to stimulate your scalp & aids in healthier hair)
Aromatherapy- $15


Did you know stress from your hands & feet can cause arm & leg aches? A regular manicure & pedicure can help reduce stress! Getting them done regularly helps with proper blood circulation & improves mobility of the joints!
You may add aromatherapy, hand & foot mask to help reduce aging, scrub which aids in exfoliation. Or get dipped in paraffin wax! Paraffin is a form of heat therapy often used for muscle tendons, conditions like arthritis, improves blood flow, reduces joint stiffness & reduce pain!
Spa Manicure & Pedicure $60
(Includes Hand & Foot Scrub & Paraffin)
Male Manicure & Pedicure $50
Basic Polish- $10 (Manicure) $12(Toes)
Shellac Manicure $25

***Add on Services***

Hot Stones $10
Paraffin $10
Foot Mask $10
Hand Mask$10
Foot Scrub $10
Aromatherapy $10
Foot Detox $35
Hand Scrub Treatment $10

 Body Treatments

Cellulite? Dead Skin? Stretch Marks?
Our body treatments can help get you on the right track! These treatments can reduce the appearance of stretch marks, cellulite, tone the skin, and give you an all natural glow!
Synergize- $165
Full body scrub- $100
Abdomen only- $50
Dermafile on thighs- $75


Waxing is another form of exfoliation! At PWS, we wax male & females! Our trusted therapist will educate as well as remove all unwanted hair!
Brazilian- $50
Full Bikini-$40
Bikini Line-$10
Brozilian- $80
Brows- $25
Lip- $10
Full Face-$45
Full Legs- $70 (W) $80 (M)
Half Legs- $50 (W) $60(M)
Full Back-$65(W) $75(M)
Full Butt-$25

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