Peace- freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility.

Being a mother, wife, womanpreneur, & leader are all full-time jobs! I often found my peace being disturbed. It wasn’t my duties as a mother & wife. It’s because i take on others problems. It’s something I’ve battled for years. I was really loosing my peace of mind. I started becoming very irritated, tired, begun stressing more…AND VERY GROUCHY! I remember praying, praying, praying, and just praying….CRYING OUT FOR MY PEACE OF MIND!

I dropped my children off at school, and was listening to “Johathan Nelson- I give You Glory”… at that moment my breakthrough came! God, will give me clarity and deliver me from the very things I pray about… through songs, a scripture, a conversation, and even an inspirational post! God, new at that moment I needed that song! I began meditating on the lyrics!

I declared, and decreed…PEACE!

Peace that surpasses all understanding!

My mental… restored! My joy… restored! My vibrant persona… RESTORED!

There’s nothing like PEACE of MIND!

Whatever situation you are faced with… know that GOD, has your back!

Enjoy the song & allow the words to minister to your soul!



Yayyyy!!! Our New Product Line & ACNE


I’m  excited to introduce “Image Skincare Line” to my clients and future clients! My goal is to make sure that my clients receive the results and education needed! I’m here to help you on your journey! TOGETHER WE CAN ACHIEVE LASTING RESULTS!  I AM devoted to your skincare needs!

I love that my products work for all skin types! I have a passion for helping people who suffer with ACNE! I’m passionate about acne, because I suffered with acne throughout my first pregnancy, and I had adult acne(2014-2015)! I know how it feels to have your face filled with “unwanted guest”(Like seriously who invited you? lol)! I can help you achieve your goals! 

Are you ready for CLEAR & HEALTHY SKIN?

Did you know?

Unhealthy eating habits, lack of sleep, lack of water, not removing your makeup, not changing your pillow cases (2-3  days weekly), not cleaning your cell phone, touching your face (our fingers carries a ton of germs)…this is just naming a few!!

This is just part of the education my clients receive!


Schedule an appointment with me!!